George Farrell

Hunkpapa Lakota, Standing Rock


I am of the Hunkpapa Lakota people from Standing Rock, residing in Seattle for 3 years now. I am a traditional artist working in beadwork, painting, featherwork, regalia making, etc. As a traditional artist, I know the importance of being surrounded and supported by community. My teachers include my mom, Phyllis and others throughout my life. I am also a visual artist working in oil, pencil and pastels; my current work is a series of portraits which captures glimpses of the grandfathers. The ancestors that have fought and spoken up for the people.  


In my short time in Seattle, I have fully immersed myself in using my voice to speak on behalf of the Indigenous community on various fronts. As Indigenous people, we do not only think of ourselves; we think of our families, our ancestors and the next generations. My work in the community is not only to use my own voice to speak up for ourselves, but to also create a platform to redistribute funds back to the native community for reentry programs. This is centered around culturally appropriate healing initiatives such as art, ceremony and community.