Ixtli is an Indigenous Artist and Cultural Educator/Consultant; born into the Pochteca society, within the Mexika culture. She has been traveling the world from a very young age as the spokesperson for TLOKE-NAHUAKE Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers, the family dance circle. Her artistic work is an expression of her Mexika roots; as she lives and thrives in two worlds.


She was born into the traditional dance circle, surrounded by art and culture from birth. Ixtli's love for creating wearable art stems from watching her parents creating the most beautiful and intricate dance regalia for traditional dancers and whole dance groups. Her father, a muralist with an infinite creativity and love for traditional arts taught her to see the world through the eyes of an artist.


Her art is ever changing and evolving through the years, always finding beauty in every form. All her pieces are hand crafted with care and quality materials. Although she creates art in various forms, her work usually gravitates around Indigenous wearable art.

Cultural & family history

Most refer to her people/culture as Aztec and the place as Tenochtitlan. It is much more complex than that. There were three city-states; as well as smaller communities which became part of Mexico City as it grew around them. Her family originates from one such community: Iztacalco, one of the largest communities of the Pochteca. The Pochteca (Long Distance Merchants) was a society all its own within the Mexika culture. They traveled far and wide, serving as ambassadors between the cultures, tribes and communities. There were Pochteca posts established throughout the North American continent and as far south as Argentina.


Her family had remained in their original land since ancient times in Iztacalco; however, were relocated in the 1930s to Tlacopan (Tacuba) when the government decided to drain the waterways. To date, the Salinas family has been pivotal in maintaining a cultural identity for so many families and individuals near and far. Often referred to simply as the “Salinas of Tacuba".





Art and culture have always been at the heart of her soul. 

She encourages and supports family unity; as well as nurturing a creative and open mind for children through cultural programs, performances and workshops.

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